FBI Recap Season 5 Finale: Scola Must Choose Nina or Her Baby

FBI Recap Season 5 Finale: Scola Must Choose Nina or Her Baby

The CBS Season 5 finale FBI revolved around the hunt for a serial killer with a god complex, targeting those who somehow control people’s destinies.

Alongside this Case of the Week, Special Agent Stuart Scola (played by John Boyd) was also asked — challenged, really — to “play God” by making an impossible decision.

FBI Nina BabyThe unexpected odyssey of Scola and his pregnant partner, Agent Nina Chase, began when at the end of the hour, Nina (Shantel VanSanten) got dizzy while considering paint samples for the baby’s room. She tried to pass it off, but a medical exam later, she and Scola got the news: Nina was suffering from a listeria (bacterial) infection that was in danger of spreading to her placenta, and the heartbeat of the baby was already starting to drop. As such, treatment had to be started, injecting antibiotics into Nina while monitoring the little one’s heartbeat. In the worst case, they will have to induce labor, even if Nina is not due for 12 weeks.

Soon, Scola plunged into Case of the Week after receiving an urgent call from the hospital. Nina’s condition is “more complicated than we thought”, the doctor told the dad-to-be, and a specialist is on the way to induce labor. The infection “caused a lot of damage to both Nina and the baby”, explained the doctor, and therefore, “there is a chance that we can only save one”.

And since Scola has Nina’s medical power of attorney… he must decide as soon as possible which of the two should be the priority of the medical team: the mother or the child.

A moment later, Scola delivers his decision, saying, “Obviously I pray to God that they are both okay. But if there’s a problem and you have to choose… your priority should be Nina. And the doctors got to work.

Near the end of the episode, we saw Scola enter Nina’s hospital room, curl up next to her in bed, and comfort her. Meanwhile, with the week’s case solved, the team gathered at the hospital to await news. The doctor came to lead them down the hall, where they found Scola leaning against the nursery window.

“Scola, how are you? Isobel asked.

“I am NOWhe replied, smiling at his team and nodding to a newborn baby in the nursery. “Guys, it’s Douglas,” he said, after naming his and Nina’s son after his late brother.

How relieved were you that both Nina and Douglas weathered this dreadful storm? Plus, grade the entire finale below.

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