Joe Jonas Was Jealous When Nick Jonas Became ‘The Voice’ Coach – The Hollywood Reporter

Joe Jonas Was Jealous When Nick Jonas Became ‘The Voice’ Coach – The Hollywood Reporter

Nick Jonas has a solo hit called “Jealous,” but it’s his older brother Joe Jonas who admits to feeling that way due to a recent gig his brother landed.

Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas, who make up the Jonas Brothers group, were the guests of the Expert Armchair podcast for an episode airing on Monday. During their chat with hosts Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, the stars discussed times when they individually felt envious of each other’s successes, with Joe admitting he cried with jealousy when he learned that Nick had been cast as NBC’s coach. The voice for Season 18, airing in 2020. (Nick returned as a coach for Season 20.)

“It was in the most scenic setting – it was at the Fleetwood Mac show in (Madison Square Garden) – and while they were playing ‘Landslide’ I found out he was going to be a judge on The voice, and I was so jealous I cried,” Joe recalled. “I’m super happy for him, but I’m also disgusted because I want this fucking concert!”

Kevin then pointed out that Joe had previously served as a judge on the Australian version of The voice for one season in 2018. “So he was like, ‘I’ve done my time there – I should do it here,'” Kevin explained.

As Joe himself explained, “I just enjoyed the work, so I thought, what the hell? But he crushed it and, you know, that was awesome.

For his part, Kevin recalls that he also felt left out at a time when his brothers were both enjoying musical success away from the Jonas Brothers. “I was definitely like, ‘I’m so happy this is happening for one of us, but I wish it was the three of us,'” he said.

Additionally, Nick and Joe shared that they both auditioned for a role in director Jon M. Chu’s upcoming film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical. Bad. “We said, ‘Go ahead and kill him because it has to be one of us,'” Joe recalled of the pumping couple. Alas, neither ended up landing the unspecified role.

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