Platonic Series One Recap – Seth Rogen/Rose Byrne Apple TV Comedy

Platonic Series One Recap – Seth Rogen/Rose Byrne Apple TV Comedy

In the summer of 89, When Harry Met Sally hit theaters and asked if men and women could ever just be friends. Thirty-four years later, Apple TV+ Platonic suggests that friendship East possible — but not without some complications.

The half-hour comedy, which premiered on Tuesday, focuses on former best friends Will and Sylvia (played by Neighbors duo Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne), who reconnect after a long breakup. Sylvia, a lawyer-turned-stay-at-home mom who’s beginning to doubt some of her decisions, contacts brewmaster Will after finding out he’s going to get a divorce.

Their first meeting at Starbucks is incredibly cringeworthy. Within three minutes, Will and Sylvia exchange pleasantries, realize they have nothing in common, and then go their separate ways. But before leaving, Will mentions a party he’s having at his bar and invites Sylvia, assuming she won’t be coming. Luckily for him, she shows up and drives him away after a fight between him and his ex. They’ll be drinking, sucking weed gum and going to a 24-hour Denny’s. This is exactly what Will needs.

As Will watches Sylvia inhale the saddest plate of fries, we get a sense of what their friendship was like in the #BeforeTimes. But once they’re gone, everything changes. Sylvia blurts out that she reached out to Will out of pity, and Will doesn’t take it well. Hard truths are exchanged, and Sylvia calls it a night. This seems to be the final end of their friendship – or whatever was left of it, anyway. But soon after, Will and Sylvia are texting as if nothing had happened. By the next episode, their lives are fully intertwined again, which may or may not cause problems between Sylvia and her husband.

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